Iwate Enhancing Health and Productivity Management Declaration

We will carry out Medical Examination up in accordance with the laws.
We will use specific health instruction which focusing on Metabolic syndrome.
As a result of medical examination , we will recommend to go health instruction organization , if re-examination or treatment is needed.
We will hand out and post leaflet or poster , and install Sphygmomanometer in the company.

We will work on promotion of health instruction to our employees to enhance health.
Business continuity strengthening Plan.

What "Business continuity strengthening Plan" is.

Ministry of Economy , trade and industry established the law to certify for the small and medium enterprises have prepared to disaster prevention.
Those company that certified this law , they will have Additional points for tax measures , financial support , and subsidies.

Source:Small and medium enterprise agency

Iwate Health & Productivity Management Office

1. Periodic health checkup rate: 100 %
・100% of the rate of regular health checkups under the Industrial Safety and Health Act, and initiatives to encourage those who have not yet undergone medical examinations

2. Efforts to encourage consultation
・Initiatives or systems to encourage employees who require re-examinations, detailed examinations, etc. to undergo medical examinations

3. Efforts to improve dietary habits and increase opportunities for exercise
・Grasp health issues and make continuous efforts to improve dietary habits and increase exercise opportunities
・Holding internal health events or participating in external health events as an organization

4. Initiatives to Combat Passive Smoking
・Necessary measures based on the Health Promotion Act (smoking on premises, smoking in buildings, or completely separate smoke)

5. Regular provision of health information
・Implementation of health training sessions, participation in external training, etc., provision of health information to all employees once a month

We will strengthen these initiatives and promote the health of our employees.

SDGs / 当社の取り組み

FB is working on various effort for SDGs ( Sustainable Development Goals ).
Harassment prevention policy

1. We are not allowed to do acts that undermine the dignity of an indiridual e,g. aduse of authority , sexual harassment , etc.
Also we do nat allow them to be overlooked.
2.Our employees must not engage in acts that undermine the dignity of individuals, such as aduse of authority or sexual harassment". We have established a harassment prevention policy. In addition , we have set up an in-house consultation counter and aim to achieve equality regardless of age , gender , disability , race , ethnicity , religion , etc.

Picking up trash

Every April , our new employees and our Environmental Management Committee pick up trash in two parts , one for Miyako City and one for Yamada Town. While walking on the sidewalk , we pick up from small trash to large trash such as empty cans , empty bottles , cigarette butts , and plastic bags.
The collected garbage is properly sorted and disposed of , such as burnable garbage , plastic , empty cans , and bottles. This activity contribute to solve the problem of disposing of large amounts of waste in a proper way.

Sorting garbage

Waste generated in daily work is not just discarded, but is sorted and then disposed of. Even for a single laminated film, there is a dedicated place to throw away the laminate, and the batteries are also insulated and then thrown away.
In addition, as part of environmental education, new employees are educated on the correct sorting method and waste storage. This activity contributes to the theme of SDGs Goal 11, "Sustainable cities and communities" along with the adove-mentioned "picking up trash".
Creating a Gender-Equal Workplace
At FB, we aim to create a workplace where men and women are equal.
Initiatives such as publication of information on the current state of women's active participation and advancement in the workplace and support for fathers raising children,
In addition, many female employees are also active in skill certification and qualification acquisition.

Click here for the number of people who have passed the skill test and the number of qualification holders.