We, FB, are working to support our employees to "meet their grown selves" under the corporate motto of "Let's be happy."
We support the growth of employees in all situations, such as providing education according to various situations, including new employee education, financial support for the challenge of acquiring qualifications, and a scholarship system that allows students to attend junior colleges and universities while enrolled in the company.
We believe that the growth of people will lead to the growth of the company and lead to the revitalization of the region.
It is a company that values the connections with people born through manufacturing, appreciates and gives back to everything involved, and can grow together.

Message from a recruiter
 fter joining the company in 2020, I worked in the Quality Assurance Division→ General Affairs Division→ Human Resources Division, and work related to internal systems and clerical work.
I became a recruiter this year. What kind of things are you thinking about getting a job worried about?
I think that there are various worries after joining the company, anxiety about knowledge and technology related to manufacturing, etc., At FB, in addition to education at the time of joining the company, there is also a system that allows you to receive correspondence education and a scholarship system, You can use it in your work as well as improving your own skills. There are also various occupations such as "design", "inspection", "clerical work", "production management", etc.
If you are even slightly interested in FB, knowledge and experience are not required. As a recruiter, at the moment when you face your "self"
I would be grateful if I could help you in any way. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Message01 / 先輩社員からのメッセージ

U.M.(Woman)3rd year with the company
I am a machine operator for automatic machines. Since products of various series are manufactured with automatic machines of different types, it is difficult to learn a lot. However, I feel rewarded to be able to respond to troubles while being taught by my seniors, and to be able to operate multiple automatic machines smoothly.
It is a company where people from various schools are active. By all means, please think about joining the company.
N.A.(Woman)3rd year with the company
I am doing electric discharge machining. My seniors politely taught me so that I could understand what I didn't understand by calling out to them when I was in trouble or at a loss.
In the new employee education, there are activities to interact with and cooperate with fellow employees, and I thought it was good because it was easy to learn how to use equipment and knowledge together and talk to them.

H.S.(Woman)3rd year with the company
As an inspector, I currently inspect the appearance of molded products before they are assembled into products.
Since the shape and size are different for each series, I sometimes think that it is difficult to do inspection work and remember a lot, but it is a job that I feel very rewarding. Even if there are things you do not understand or are anxious about, you can work with peace of mind because your seniors will teach you gently and politely. It's been two years since I joined the company, and I think I still have a lot to learn. Let's work hard together.
I.Y.(Men)3rd year with the company
There is a lot of education time, and you can learn about the company and business carefully without being impatient. In addition, although I belong to the General Affairs Division and am in charge of the company's system, I may be able to receive assistance for qualification examinations in fields different from my own work, so it is an environment where I can greatly expand my possibilities depending on my motivation.
K.Y.(Men)3rd year with the company
I am currently engaged in purchasing. In purchasing, we are engaged in the business from request for quotation to delivery of requested goods. At first, you may not understand anything, but your seniors will teach you in an easy-to-understand manner, so you will be able to learn your job with peace of mind. In addition, when you join the company, there is an education period, and you can know the rules of the company in an easy-to-understand manner.


M.M.(Women)3rd year with the company
At FB, new employee education teaches us about the company and products in an easy-to-understand manner from scratch. In correspondence courses and workshops, you can acquire qualifications in various fields. Currently, I belong to the production management section and am in charge of general affairs such as recording sales and entering check sheets. At first, there were many things I did not understand, but I am relieved because my seniors teach me gently.
H.Y.(Men)3rd year with the company
I belong to the parts section and work on the press.
When I joined the company, I had no knowledge of molds and connectors, but thanks to the education of new employees, in-house education, and the careful teaching of my seniors in the field, I have acquired knowledge and have been able to do my job little by little.
Because FB has substantial support, I think that it is a company where you can acquire various qualifications and knowledge through correspondence courses and workshops and grow.